LED profiles

Linear lighting for any occasion

LED profiles with LED ribbons together make a complete linear luminaire
  • Profiles define the luminaire design
  • They protect the light source (LED ribbon) against mechanical damage
  • Profiles carry a diffusor / cover, which allows better distribution of light
  • Simplify installation of the luminaire on a surface thanks to  mountings, holders
  • Great thermal conductivity ensures the transfer of heat from LED diodes into the profile body, whose surface radiates the heat into the ambient air
LED profile types
  • Surface
    The advantage of surface profiles is that they can be easily installed without prior surface treatment. They provide high cooling power.
  • Recessed
    To install recessed profiles you need to rebate channel in the surface of placement. The profiles then becomes flush with the surface and acquires a professional appearance.
  • Corner
    For lighting at an angle. Some types allow two alternatives of installation – lighting at the angle of 30° or 60°.
  • Special
    Profile for specific applications like glass edge lighting, illumination of shelves, stair lighting, round shape profile, illuminating wardrobe rail.
  • Big profiles
    A complex set of variable profiles to construct a high-performance LED luminaire. Flexible LED ribbon or linear LED module can be the light source for these profiles.

Wide range of accessories

Diffusers / covers
End caps / endings
Mountings and holders
Connectors and angle connectors

Color versions of LED profiles:

Anodized (silver)
White painted
Black anodized
Raw aluminium - for additional surface treatment

All you need for linear luminaires:

LED ribbons
LED modules
Power supplies
Control systems

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