Top quality products from prestigious manufacturers

TRON is a distributor of
  • CREE – high power LEDs and COBs
  • LG INNOTEK – mid power LEDs, flat ceiling panels, slim circle and square downlights
  • MEAN WELL – power supplies and converters
  • SUNRICHER – control systems
  • TOPMET – aluminium LED profiles for linear luminaires

Standard products are permanently in stock
Any item offered by our suppliers can be delivered to order

Component suppliers for our projects:

WAGO – terminal blocks and connectors for LED modules
ISOLA – materials for FR4 PCBs
BERGQUIST – materials for MCPCBs
CARCLO OPTICS – optic lens for power LEDs
LEDIL – special optic lens for power LEDs
STMicroelectronics – electronic components
ATMEL – microprocessors

We work with the best technologies and components

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