Anything can be a project
The approach of project management rises the probability of business success by 70% over ad hoc business

Projects are our daily bread
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LED project
  • Task assignment and its specification
  • Preparing solution design
  • Agreeing on solution design
  • Realization, implementation
  • Project termination and evaluation

Any project is a complex controlled activity that requires observation of the individual consecutive steps and their schedule while ensuring optimal use of resources, meeting the budget and guaranteeing the project’s result and its quality.
Insufficient cooperation of the interested subjects, non-observance of partial deadlines or undervaluation of change control use to be the cause of unnecessary delays and additional costs.

TRON project approach
  • Specific project requirements are solved by standardized organizational means
  • Professional competence and responsibility of our project manager
  • Effective and easy communication on our side as we have all departments under one roof – minimization of inconsistencies and conflicts, quick project realization
  • project oriented production

We have all the needed capacities for LED projects in-house:
engineering, solution development, components and their processing

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