Assembly of LED modules

Assembly department makes our LED lighting solutions real

LED modules assembly
  • Standard LED modules TRON - own series of light sources for usual types of luminaires compatible with the ZHAGA standard
  • Custom LED modules – modules developed and produced on demand for a specific luminaire or project based on customer requirements
  • These modules are developed in our R&D center and tested in our photometric laboratory
  • We are using brand LEDs
    LG INNOTEK – modules for linear and flat lightings with high-performance and long lifespan (for offices, bureaus, public places, schools, hospitals, airports, waiting rooms and others)
    CREE – modules with power LEDs for high-brightness lighting (street lighting, industry, storehouses, galleries, shopping centers, technical premises, spot lights and flood lights), modules for difficult operating conditions, modules with extremely long lifespan
  • High amounts of various LED types in stock (different CCT, CRI) ensure quick production without waiting for material
  • High-performance assembly technology verified by experience – multiple assembly lines optimized for mounting LEDs, running independently and simultaneously
  • Quality guaranteed by production control processes and also by rich experience coming from plenty of mounted LED chips
  • Adaptable production technology allows high flexibility and change of manufacturing programme
  • Total performance of 120.000 LEDs/hour ensures quick execution of your order

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