LEDification is already an all-society phenomenon bringing many benefits for lighting
But other ways of LED lighting technology usage are yet to be discovered and developed

TRON pursues the LED development

TRON is constantly searching for new application possibilities of LEDs
  • Redesigning and developing new technical solutions based on constantly improving parameters of LEDs
  • Accessing and testing new LED accessories – power supplies, control systems, optic lens
  • Measuring and verifying characteristics of new LED solution applications, especially the longtime stability of parameters
  • TRON is CREE LED solution provider

TRON develops lighting solutions based on customer needs
  • TRON LED modules – own series of light sources compatible with the ZHAGA standard
  • Developing our own LED accessories – control circuits, protection circuits, converters and others
  • Cooperating with customers in development of their luminaires
  • Measuring parameters of LED light sources and luminaires and generating LDT data in our photometric laboratory
  • Technical planning of specific customer projects
  • Customer support for eventual implementation complications

TRON always works on increasing its company know-how of LED technology
  • Extending the selection of TRON products and services
  • Implementing new processes in working with LEDs

TRON is a qualified partner for its customers and suppliers

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