Flexible LED ribbons

Series designed by TRON
Optimized for a long lifespan and stable parameters

Brand LED chips for ribbon assembly
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TRON series types by intended usage
  • Voltage PROFI LG – high-brightness, for difficult operating conditions
  • Current PROFI LG – high-brightness, maximum efficiency, for complex LED luminaires
  • PROFI – medium-brightness, for difficult operating conditions
  • OPTIMUM – medium-brightness, for interior design and furniture applications
  • Color and RGB - for color design and fading colors


White light LED ribbons - we supply several variations of color temperature (cold white – 6.000K, neutral – 4.000K, warm white – 3.000K) with CRI>80, number of LEDs/m, power consumption and flux.
Ribbons with CRI>90 are offered in the PROFI and LG series.
Special color temperatures (sunset – 2.600K, snow white – 10.000K) are offered only in the PROFI series.

Current LED ribbons - offer remarkably high-brightness and high efficacy; intended for production of sophisticated linear lights.

Tunable white LED ribbons - CCT control system (ribbons marked as TW).

Color LED ribbons - red (R), green (G), blue (B)
Yellow, Orange or Purple light can be ordered.
For color ribbons of higher performance we use white LED ribbon and wide selection of colors is achieved by colored plastic film on diffuser.

RGB ribbons - allow the use of control systems to mix R+G+B units as you like and enables dynamic effects and color fading.

Power supplies, control systems, dimmers, cables - complete selection of products in TRON under one roof including customer support, LED lighting completion or design of lighting solution.

IP Rating, which are possible to order
IP20 - standard protection version kept in stock, for greater weather resistance we apply protective lacquer or silicone inside a LED profile
IP64 - partially coated by transparent plastics
IP65 - coated by transparent plastic sleeve and sealed
IP68 - completely covered by thick plastic gel

Custom LED ribbon design and development - TRON R&D center and its exceptional cooperation with suppliers allow us to develop and produce LED ribbons with custom parameters.

LED ribbons offered by TRON – overview

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