LED controllers

Easy controlling – the character of LED lights
Too great to be unused

  • Convenient light control – set light brightness or color temperature just the way you like – at home or in office
  • Lighting designer – achieve the desired atmosphere with RGB and RGBW controllers – hotels, restaurants, receptions, bars, clubs, shops, advertisement, relaxation light
  • Dynamic effects – fading colors, smooth rotation, flashing or flickering colors – show business, bars, clubs, discos, light advertisement, entertainment
  • Saving electric energy - regulating light brightness according to changing environment, ambient light, presence of persons – lighting in office, public places, industry

  • By transmitter type
    • Hand held remote control
    • Independent desk controller
    • On wall
    • Profile built-in
    • Position and motion sensors, such as IR or built-in furniture 
  • By purpose
    • Dimmers – for brightness regulation
    • Switches – for example automatic lights on (inside of storage space) when opening wardrobe doors
    • CCT control – light’s color temperature regulation
    • RGB control – setting any RGB color and dynamic light effects
    • RGBW control – setting any RGB color, dynamic effects and full scale lighting quality
  • By control technology
    • Button – still most popular classics
    • Touch
    • Rotating – turning wheel
    • Touchless – passing hand over sensor without touching it
    • Motion – IR sensor
    • Position sensor – e.g. opening door sensor
  • By signal transmission type
    • RF (Radio Frequency) – their function in not dependent on direct visibility between transmitter and receiver; that is why receiver can be placed anywhere or hidden, even behind wall
    • IR (Infra Red) – direct visibility between transmitter and receiver is necessary, but they are simple and low cost
    • Hardwired – controller and PWM regulation in one connected in between power supply and LED ribbon

PWM amplifiers

For sets with multiple power supplies
Connected between power supply and load

  • 1-Channel – white and one-color LED ribbons
  • 3-Channel – RGB and CCT
  • 4-Channel - RGBW

Signal converters – common light control signals to PWM
  • DMX512/PWM
  • 0÷10V/PWM
  • 1÷10V/PWM

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