SUNRICHER controllers

Sunricher controllers are sophisticated devices for control of large light assemblies. They are very variable and stand out with their high-quality and a representative design. They enable intelligent pairing of transmitters and receivers.


A zone represents an independently controlled light unit regardless of its type (monochromatic, CCT, RGB, RGBW). One 4-zone controller can control up to 4 independent light units of the same type. For instance, the 1st zone can be the main lighting in the living room, 2nd zone can be the indirect lighting of the ceiling, the 3rd zone can be the lighting in the furniture and the 4th zone is the backlight behind the TV set. Every one of these zones can be individually controlled, alternatively all can be switched ON and OFF at once.


Channel represents a single control signal transmitted into the receiver. One channel is needed in order to dim a monochromatic light. Control of CCT light assemblies requires two complementary channels. RGB light assemblies require three dependent RGB channels. RGBW light assemblies require three dependent RGB channels and one independent channel for control of white light.

LED lighting control system:
  • RF controller - transmitters – single zone or multizones (typically 4 zones), single channel or multichannel
  • Universal RF receivers - single channel or multichannel (typically 4 channels), the controller paired with multichannel receiver determines the importance of the channel
  • Other components – PWM amplifiers, signal converters, etc.

In order to control complex LED lighting system transmitters and receivers have to be paired.
One transmitter (or zone) can be paired with an unlimited number of receivers.
One receiver can be paired with up to 8 control transmitters (up to 8 control zones).
Certain types of receivers allow setting one unit as MASTER and other units as SLAVE in order to achieve time synchronization of dynamic effects.

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