LED ribbon selection

TRON LED ribbons

LED ribbons are the simplest LED light source.
Their light specification are determined mainly by the used LEDs. Our LED ribbons are assembled with high quality LEDs with high luminous flux and long lifetime. LED ribbons are assembled with LED profiles in order to produce LED linear lighting for the most various applications.

Correlated Color Temperature

Warm white – approx. 3.000K – light sources with warm white are suitable for homes, residential areas, hotel rooms, restaurants to raise relaxed feeling.
Neutral white – approx. 4.000K - Is similar to light conditions of the room illuminated through the window by daylight. It is versatile CCT, color neutral and preserves natural color shades of illuminated objects.
Cool white – approx. 6.000K - corresponds to outdoor daylight. It is suitable for places like offices to promote concentration.

PROFI LG LED ribbons

PROFI LG LED ribbons are suitable for applications under harsh demanding?operating conditions, where high luminosity, long lifetime and high temperature resistance is required. Due to a CV driving they are easy for LED light assemblies of different length. The luminous intensity can be simply controlled by/with PWM modulation.

Typical applications:

  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Ad signs
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Museums, galleries


CC PROFI LG LED ribbons are driven by Constant Current power source – Mean Well CC or CC+CV.
LED pásky PROFI LG s proudovým napájením se napájejí ze zdrojů konstantního proudu - MEAN WELL zdroje CC nebo CC+CV.
They are suitable for high power sophisticated linear LED light sources. They achieve high values of efficiency near to the efficiency of LEDs.


  • Production halls and facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping malls
  • Sport halls
  • Ad lighting/signs 

PROFI LED ribbons

PROFI LED ribbons are suitable for application with the demand on long lifetime, expectably for commercial, office and public spaces.


  • Stores and shops
  • Shopping malls
  • Offices
  • Hotels, restaurants 

RGB LED ribbons

RGB LED ribbons are suitable for design luminaries. Specific color can be set with a proper RGB controller.


  • Commercial places, ad signs
  • Furniture lighting
  • Interior 

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