Thermal management of LEDs

Thermal management is essential

Although LEDs stand out with their high efficiency, a large part of the supplied energy is transferred into the heat. This heat is necessary to transfer to surroundings by a cooling system. Overheating can lower LED lifetime and can eventually lead to their function degeneration.

The temperature of linear profiles assembled of our LED aluminum profiles and LED ribbons cannot surpass 50 °C for the lifetime of 50.000 hours (with the exception of LG LED ribbons that have higher thermal resistance).

For each type of profile max. power consumption of LED ribbon is indicated. The values apply for the normal operation with the ambient temperature of 25 °C and cooling by free air convection. For the application with higher ambient temperature or with no secured air circulation the max. power consumption need to be tested under the worst operating conditions. LED lighting is not suitable for places with the higher temperature like saunas, steam baths etc.

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