Mean Well power supplies

MEAN WELL drivers
  • CV – constant voltage: Constant voltage power supply will maintain a constant voltage at the output.
  • CC – constant current: Power supply with a designated range of output voltages and a fixed output current.
  • CV + CC – constant voltage + constant current: Power supplies with the constant voltage output. If output current requirement exceeds rated current of the power supply and reaches the CC region, the power supply will stay in the CC mode.

CV power supplies are suitable for LED ribbons and LED modules of lower power consumption. The current of LED is set by resistors in series with LEDs. The advantage is simple use and relatively simple design of LED light fixtures. Drawbacks are power losses on the resistors that lead to lower efficiency of the light fixture.

CC current supplies are suitable for power LED and LED modules of higher power consumption, alternatively CC LED ribbons. LED are connected in series-parallel combination and the current of LED is stabilized by a power supply. The advantage is high efficiency of the LED light fixture close to the efficiency of the LEDs. The design of the assembly is however more complex and so is the system of driving.

Multiple models for choice:
  • Fixed: Output voltage (current) is fixed for a given type and cannot be adjusted.
  • Adjustable: Output voltage (current) can be adjusted through internal potentiometer.
  • Dimmable: Output voltage (current) can be regulated by a control signal.

3in1 dimming function

Mean Well 3in1 dimming is a technology patented by Mean Well. Mean Well driver with 3in1 dimming is compatible with dimming controllers that use the below signal types:

  • Resistance – connecting a variable resistor
  • 1-10 V – some models accept 0-10 V input
  • PWM signal

Thermal management

In order to achieve long failure-free operation it is necessary that supplies do not overheat. In other words, the maximal temperature of the power supply (Tc) cannot be exceeded. The maximal temperature of the power supply is indicated in the datasheet.

Tc temperature is also depended on the load of the power supply. With the increasing load the value of Tc decreases. In the most cases the specific conditions under which the power supply for the application will work are not know. Therefore it is recommended to design power system with 20 % reserve. Putting the power source into enclosed places is not recommended as power supplies need to be cooled by free air convection.


Safety Extra Low Voltage is the method of protection against electric shock. LED profiles can be powered by SELV power supplies. For these types of power supplies the dangerous voltage cannot arise on their output nor on the connected load.
Voltage voltages are chosen according to the environment in which the lighting assembly will be located (ČSN 33 2000-4-41).

Detailed information about installation of MEAN WELL power supplies can be found in these manuals:
MEAN WELL – Industrial Drivers (Enclosed Type)

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