LED profile accessories

Aluminium LED profiles are completed with other lighting components to make linear luminaires.

Almost unlimited possibilities of our LED profile applications are ensured particularly by the broad selection of accessories (diffusers/covers, end caps/endings, holders,…), suitable and high quality LED sources (TRON flexible LED ribbons, LED modules) and extensive application know how of the TRON company (lighting projects, calculations, selection and sizing of circuit breakers, control system implementation).

Diffusers (Covers)

Diffuser is an essential component to have a complete luminaire from LED profile.
It provides efficient light dispersion and eye comfort. It plays an important role in the overall appearance of the luminaire whether turned off or on.
If your goal is to have a homogenous line of light without visible light points you cannot have low light losses at the same time. Unfortunately, these two are in contradiction.
The degree of light dispersion is influenced by the type of diffuser, but also by the density of ribbon’s LED chips and the depth of LED profile used. It is not possible to achieve a homogenous line of light with LED profiles of low depth.

  • Transparent diffuser: Features minimum light losses, but distinctive lights points. When the light is on there occur fan shaped shadows and when the light is off you can see to the inside of the profile.
  • White diffuser: Great light dispersion at the cost of considerable light losses. Only profiles with sufficient depth can achieve good light dispersion; it is not achievable with low depth LED profiles.
  • Frosted diffuser: Represents a compromise between the transparent and white diffuser. Light points are fairly dispersed and the inner structure is not recognizable when the light is off. Moreover the light losses are tolerable.
  • Optic lens (transparent, frosted): Has the ability to focus light in a desired direction.

To achieve as homogenous continuous line of light as possible, use one of the deeper LED profiles (1cm and deeper), LED ribbon with high density of LED chips (120LEDs/m) and white diffuser. 

Installation types of diffusers:

  • Slide: A flat “I“ shaped diffuser, which needs to be slidden from the beginning of the profile and dragged along the marked socket.
  • Click: Its assembly and removal are more convenient. Access to the ends of the profile is not necessary, which allows to click in the cover even after installing the profile in a recess or a piece of furniture. These diffusers have ledges that match the profile’s shape.
  • Slick: A flat “I“shaped diffuser that can be both slidden in and clicked in the profile.

End caps (endings)

They are made to aesthetically close the profile and additionally protect the LED source. They come in four basic colours: silver, white, black and grey. The endings selected for the profiles for glass are available in transparent color.
The material used for the production of the endings meets the lighting non-combustibility standard no.: PN-EN 60695-2-11.
Material: ABS, PC.

  • Without hole - a tight ending of the profile
  • With hole - serve as outlet for a cable

Mounting plates, holders

Make the installation of a profile on a surface easier, if gluing the profile is not the ideal solution. Holders need to be screwed to the surface. Most holders match only one profile; they are usually used for a more precise assembly method.
The large-sized types of profiles installed on mounting plates hide them with their sides so that the mounting plates are not visible.

  • Aluminium holders
  • On an extension arm
  • Tilted bracket, etc.

They enable creating pendant luminaires. They are especially recommended for the LED LINEA 20 profile (see pages 2.27-2.28) but are also compatible with most of the other profiles.

  • SELV sling 50V 1500 mm
  • Standard sling for LED mounting 1500 mm

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