For luminaire manufacturers

Everything for development and manufacture of LED fixtures in one place 

  • Brand LEDs from prestigious manufacturers
    – mid power LEDs – assembly of LED modules for flat ceiling lights and LED panels, circle and square modules for LED downlights
    CREE – power LEDs and COBs – assembly of LED modules for high-power high bays, low bays and flood lights for industrial spaces, public lighting and light fixtures for difficult operating conditions
  • Standard LED modules
    Development and manufacture under TRON brand
  • Custom LED modules
    Customer specified order for development and manufacture of modules for their luminaires
  • High-performance assembly lines optimized for LED
    The process of manufacture is fast and thanks to bulk storage of LEDs your order will be executed without waiting for material.
  • Electromechanical manufacture
    Finishing of the manufacture process – completion, assembly, wiring and connecting, general testing and burn-in tests
  • Additional components for LED technology
    Power sources, linear optics, control systems, coolers, LED profiles and more
  • Photometric laboratory for measurements of LED luminaires and generating LDT data
    All-in-oune services for luminaire development. We can measure the final product and prepare LDT data for required lighting calculations.
  • Extensive customer information support
    Information and technical support, experienced project managers, information B2B portal for checking the status of your orders

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