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Beauty IS light
Are you an architect or a designer?

TRON offers lighting solution for any occasion. Special requirements will not hinder us.

  • LED profiles for ...
    furniture - recessed, surface or corner profiles
    interior - indirect lighting of ceilings, alcoves and niches, linear lights on walls or in floor
    exterior - facade lighting, wallwashers, pavement and driveway lights, orientation lighting, LED light advertisement
    retail industry and wholesale - stylish linear luminaires, wallwashers for indirect lighting and company logo illumination, display lights, showcase and shelf lighting, light boxes, lighting the goods or showpieces, illuminated glass shelves
    special applications - illuminated stairs on each step, illuminating wardrobe rail
    linear luminaires - storehouse, warehouse lighting, public places, households, surface-mounted, recessed into plaster board or pendant lights
    Wide selection with various accessories
    Available in four color variations – silver, black, white or raw aluminium for additional surface treatment
  • Ceiling LED light panels
    STANDARD - in stock
    PREMIUM - made to order
  • Slim LED downlights
    circle - made to order
    square - made to order
  • Special LED lighting applications
    We are capable of designing and producing completely unconventional lighting solutions – thanks to our rich experiences and wide selection of components:
    • diffusing light through plastic materials or stone / artificial stone
    • BARRISOL lighting using a Barrisol translucent sheet to form a lighting stretch ceiling of different shapes
    • arcs illuminated by linear LED light
    • innovative color tints using a special foil sheets or special color temperatures (sunset, snow white), or colors (yellow, orange, magenta)
    • special lighting fixtures for a company designed reception, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants
    • light sources for advertisement design – retail industry, shopping centers, displays, counters, shelves
    • light as an instrument for artwork

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