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TRON is best at LEDs


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  • We have prepared optimized LED lighting solutions for typical lighting projects
  • We will adapt and find a solution for atypical products based on customer's requests and needs
  • Wide range of various LED components permanently in stock
  • Custom modifications of standard products are possible
  • Completion of LED lighting systems in our electromechanical manufacture
  • We offer custom OEM production from your material and our LEDs

References of atypical solutions – completed projects:

Chipless forming machines: CNC cutter’s working space illumination, automated pulse lighting controller for high speed camera imaging at the machine’s output, automated pulse lighting controller for surface harshness, working place illumination built inside a machine press
Transport and vehicles: trailer coupling gear lighting, high-performance illumination of railroad for crane, lighting for an elevator cabin, lighting for a travel trailer (caravan), linear lighting for the inside of storage units and the surroundings of a fire fighting truck
Architecture: low-energy and high-performance LED lighting for a solar energy system of a mountain hut, freezer room’s orientation lighting, tunnel’s orientation lighting, foot bridge lighting, unusual concrete lighting units at a parking lot, illumination of a theater room, theater loge lighting, stylish decoration lighting in a chateau garden park, wedding room’s lighting, illumination of sacral items in a church, planetarium illumination
Horticulture: growing lights for plant cultivation
Animal breeding: lighting system for poultry house, snake breeding lights, aquarium lighting
Advertisement: artistic illumination of a plastic hand holding a spirit bottle, illumination of glass bottles in a bar, wine-cellar lighting, stylish counter illumination in a glasses shop, chemist’s shop lighting integrated into shelves, brand jewellery showcase illumination, design lighting solution for a music club
Services: garage service pit lighting, lighting of a feed hopper for gravel storage
Other: miner helmet lights, lighting of caves, light sources for control of beer maturation in chemical laboratory, decorative lighting grid in art gallery, special lightings for running a production of explosives, interactive whiteboard for kindergarten education, lighting the cabin of a modernized attack helicopter

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