We feel social responsibility for the planet, its inhabitants and future generations. This is why all the company activities are managed in a way that minimizes ecological wastes and negative effects on the environment. We are motivated by our believes in the value of healthy environment not only the legislation and rules.

  • LED lighting technology, the main focus of our business, is consistent with environmental protection. LED light sources with their long lifespan and high efficiency enable radical savings of electric energy. There is no need to generate the saved energy. This reduces the energy demand.
  • We try to prevent wasteful use of light, energy and material during project planning of LED lighting. We use LED chips, power supplies and circuits according to our calculations and measurements in order to reach maximal efficiency.
  • We work with materials and components from verified sources from suppliers who also respect environmental responsibility.
  • The company processes, manufacture and traffic are energetically optimized.
  • Waste minimization and waste sorting is our standard.