Company culture

  • Our goal is to be a professional and competent partner to our customers and create a business environment of trust, reliability and responsibility. We help to rise the value of our customers’ business and development by providing high-quality services.
  • Effective communication and mutual understanding are our priorities, as well as rising the level of our qualification inside the company and also in relation to our business partners.
  • We constantly work on increasing our know-how and quality of our services by making the processes in our company more effective, lowering the risks or finding new possibilities.
  • We adopt a positive proactive, and optimistic approach. We want to be one of the leading companies in the branch of LED lighting and we do not fear the future. Any problem has a solution and finding the solution is a challenge we accept.
  • All the company activities respect the legal order of the Czech Republic, the International Law and other juristic institutions. We are comitted to the contracts and agreements we conclude, to the Intellectual Property Rights, valid patents and utility models during the development of custom solutions.
  • We attend to honoring the ethics code, habits, practices and other requirements applicable to our activities, products and services.
  • We honor personal freedom as well as personal responsibility. We try to unite the ambitions of our employees and the company’s interests.
  • We keep the conditions for minimizing the health and safety risks at work.
  • All the company activities are managed in a way that minimizes ecological wastes and negative effects on the environment.
  • We trust in the general values and principles of ethics code and help people with disabilities.

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